25 years in business

We turn privacy into a competitive advantage

Business Experience

We at QBIX have been in the business of designing and providing IT, Datacenter, Telecommunications and security solutions for over 25 years. On top, dealing with customers is our second nature. We understand what drives them, why they remain loyal but also why they churn away. And that’s what you want to avoid at any price when it comes to privacy aspects. Those key considerations should drive you when implementing your privacy policy.

Your people are your human capital …

… hence treat them as you would treat a precious diamond: with respect for all visible and hidden aspects. Employee records contain a host of -often sensitive- personal information. Thus they should be properly protected, governed and access logs and policies must keep track of what information was accessed when, and by whom.

Your business partners

Suppliers and partners help your company to grow, to be where it is, and what it stands for. Hence they should be reassured that discretion is respected when it comes to accessing information relating to them, and we should keep a log on who accessed what, on a need-to-know basis.

Our services

QBIX helps you fit together all pieces of the privacy puzzle

Privacy program governance

We help you create a privacy vision and mission that is in line with your organizational objectives. We help you set out the subsequent privacy strategy whilst setting up a team of key stakeholders to build the privacy framework. The next step is to develop the privacy policies and guidelines. Finally, we’ll define the metrics to measure how well your organization is performing when it comes to privacy.

We help you implement GDPR

  1. Generate your Data Inventory
    Including an inventory of all Systems, Processes & Governing Arrangements involved.
  2. Conduct different Privacy Impact Assessments
    • At organisational level
    • At the level of all departments that are highly likely to process personal data: HR, Complaints, Sales, Marketing …
    • On process level
  3. Assess your risk in terms of Immediate risk and reputational exposure
  4. Establish all mandatory records at Data Controller and Data Processor level.

The operational lifecycle

QBIX will team up with you to implement, document and monitor the lifecycle of your privacy program.